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With the increase in the number of subscribers, there has been a need to increase the qualified staff. Initially, members of the immediate family joined the team. With time, others joined... With a similar passion, the desire to develop their skills, ready for new challenges. Today our "family" counts over a dozen people. Kamnet's motto has been to meet the needs of our customers, treating them with empathy and warmth-like family. We try to approach each one individually, we look for solutions to problems. The idea of setting up a company was created when the Internet was not as widespread as it is today, and the market was just beginning to shape. Internet connections delivered on ranged telephone lines, blocking the phones was the only way to access network. They was paid for every minute of internet use. It was a luxury that not everyone could afford. Kamnet was a vision of a Teleinformatic Operator who would offer internet access without a telephone line, available 24 hours a day at a fixed fee, with no limit for fair-price. Initially our network coverage was limited to Obora and parts of Lubin. Today we can offer our services in 14 municipalities!

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  • We use KAMNET's broadband Internet since 4 years. After the experience with the previous "suppliers" I conclude unequivocally, KAMNET is a professional. I would highly recommend!

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