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Enjoy ultra-fast internet access!

Stable connection

Fibre optic Internet is a continuous network access. Do you work? Do you play? Do you watch? This is right deal for you!


Fibre optic technology allows us to provide the highest quality of service regardless of weather conditions.

No limits

Our services do not have data limits and limits of connected computers. Our internet connection is as much as you want and how much you want!

Why choose Kamnet as internet provider?


Fibre optic Internet, unlike other technologies, guarantees the highest speed, while maintaining stable connections!

WiFi access

With us every customer has the possibility to connect WiFi router. With it you can use the Internet at any number of devices - as you like!

Low ping

Do you play online games? We too! We monitor our network skeleton in order to provide you, internet access with low ping, so you can relax playing your favorite titles or become a star of e-sports games!


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Our testimonials

  • We use KAMNET's broadband Internet since 4 years. After the experience with the previous "suppliers" I conclude unequivocally, KAMNET is a professional. I would highly recommend!

    Linx Service

Or maybe with HD television?

Wide range of channels, HD quality, mobile access, all at a low price - what to want more!

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